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  1. says:

    Hello! I extremely like your website. I like this post. I hope you don’t mind when I bookmark it to my Mixx bookmarks.

    • Collateral Segregation says:

      We would love for you to bookmark the site (it’ll help you find our new content extra quick in the future). Add us on facebook to be kept up to date as new reviews go live and thank you for supporting Collateral Segregation.

  2. Terry Watt says:

    Your post is pretty good to read. Excellent!!
    Thanks for sharing, I will post it on my Tumblr to share with my friends?

    • Collateral Segregation says:

      I’m glad you like our writing and please, feel free to share with your friends but please link to the original content if you do.
      Remember to keep an eye out for more reviews coming soon and if there are any events you feel we should be covering then send us a message.

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